Gluckman Consulting provides a range of specialist services related to refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pumps. Examples of projects carried out in the refrigeration field include:

  • Energy efficiency evaluation of large refrigeration systems.  We give the refrigeration systems at an industrial site a full “energy efficiency health check”.  Our approach is to first carefully evaluate the cooling loads to look for opportunities to reduce the load or change the temperature level of cooling.  We then evaluate the refrigeration systems to ensure that cooling is being delivered in the most efficient way possible.  It is common to find cost effective energy savings of at least 20%.
  • Design evaluation for new refrigeration systems.  The best time to save energy and reduce refrigerant emissions is when a refrigeration plant is being designed.  A good design evaluation must focus on ensuring good energy efficiency through the expected range of operating conditions.  The refrigerant must be carefully selected to ensure maximum efficiency and also to take into account the reducing availability of HFCs because of the EU F-Gas Regulation.
  • Regulatory Compliance.  The 2014 EU F-gas Regulation will have a major impact on the use of refrigerants over the next 10 years.  Also, the use of HCFCs (especially R22) will be banned from the beginning of 2015 under the EU Ozone Regulation.    We can help users of refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pumps ensure that they are fully compliant with the EU F-Gas and Ozone Regulations.
  • Trouble Shooting and Expert Witness. We can help investigate poor performance of refrigeration systems and provide expert witness input to disputes.
  • Sector-wide refrigeration studies.  A recent study for Defra was an evaluation of the use of refrigeration in the UK soft drinks supply chain.  This study identified the key “hot spots” of refrigeration use and assessed the potential to reduce energy use and to reduce emissions of HFC refrigerants.  The study provided Defra with a range of recommendations to support greenhouse gas emission reductions from this market sector.