Alternatives to HFCs

In the EU there will be an 80% cut in the consumption of HFCs by 2030 – that is required by the EU F-Gas Regulation. There are on-going international negotiations for a global HFC phase down under the Montreal Protocol. In April 2015 there was a technical workshop held in Bangkok to discuss low GWP alternatives to HFCs. Gluckman Consulting helped the UNEP Ozone Secretariat prepare Fact Sheets about the various uses of HFCs and the possible low GWP alternatives. These Fact Sheets can be downloaded from this web page.

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Fact Sheet 1: Index

Fact Sheet 2: Overview of HFC Market Sectors

Fact Sheet 3: Domestic Refrigeration

Fact Sheet 4: Commercial Refrigeration

Fact Sheet 5: Industrial Refrigeration

Fact Sheet 6: Transport Refrigeration

Fact Sheet 7: Small self-contained air-conditioning

Fact Sheet 8: Small split air-conditioning

Fact Sheet 9: Larger air-to-air air-conditioning

Fact Sheet 10: Chiller systems

Fact Sheet 11: Heating-only heat pumps

Fact Sheet 12: Mobile air-conditioning

Fact Sheet 13:Insulating foam

Fact Sheet 14: Aerosols

Fact Sheet 15: Glossary of terms and technical definitions