Gluckman Consulting is a specialist technical consultancy providing expertise related to climate change mitigation and refrigeration. The company has been set up by Ray Gluckman, a well known international expert in these fields. Ray has over 30 years of relevant experience.

Our services related to climate change mitigation are designed to help both policy makers and organisations that emit greenhouse gases to develop practical and cost effective initiatives to reduce emissions. This includes:

  • Energy efficiency projects for industrial and commercial companies to reduce CO2 emissions
  • Projects to reduce non-CO2 emissions, in particular fluorinated greenhouse gases (F-Gases, which include HFCs, PFCs and SF6)
  • Guidance to energy users related to compliance with¬†key policy measures such as Climate Change Agreements and the Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme
  • Support to policy makers on the development of new greenhouse gas emission reduction programmes

Gluckman Consulting also provides specialist services related to refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump systems.  These services are linked to the climate change issue and include:

  • Advice on the energy efficiency of existing and new systems
  • Guidance on the selection of refrigerants for new systems, to minimise use of HFCs
  • Projects to reduce refrigerant emissions during normal operation and at end-of-life
  • Support to end users related to compliance with the F-Gas and Ozone Regulations
  • Work with policy makers on the development and implementation of F-Gas policies